One Day Neon Workshop

Our One Day Neon Workshop is a concise introduction to the art and science of neon tube making! Students can expect to learn about the components that make a neon tube, the tools needed, and the method to create a spectacular custom light source.

Each student is taught how to bend an abstract piece of neon in a color of your choice. There is a demonstration on bombarding and filling, which is how neon tubes are illuminated, as well as a demonstration of neon layouts, which is how neon signs are bent and how commercial bending would be done. The history or neon will also be covered in this workshop. The class ends with a wiring and mounting demonstration, so that you can light and hang your neon creation at home!

Our classes are housed within a fully functioning neon shop and neon supply warehouse, allowing us to offer an abundance of materials needed (various colored tubing, power supplies, and hanging materials) on site. Many of our instructors work as full time neon producers and have years of industry experience.

The price of class includes glass, bending materials, one power supply, and wiring – $330 + booking fee.

Saturdays, 11am – 4pm.

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