8 Week Introduction to Flameworking

This course covers the basic fundamental techniques for melting and forming borosilicate glass with oxygen/propane torch. Demonstrations combined with student work time and individual student-teacher instruction will make up the core curriculum. 

Course Goals and Objectives: Developing an introductory level of technical proficiency with flameworked borosilicate glass-Learning flameworked glass vocabulary -Understanding safe and courteous operating procedures in the glass studio-Recognizing historical uses of glass in industry, and in the arts.-Cultivating a stronger vision for your continuing artistic pursuits.

Anticipated Lesson Course Schedule (subject to change)

Session 1 – Course overview, shop safety basics of manipulating borosilicate glass at the torch, working with small rods, regions of the flame, cutting rod, gathering, punty and termination
Session 2 – Structures and seals, hot seal verse cold seal, butt seals, T-Y  seals, bending solid rods
Session 3 – Rod construction. building shapes, marbles cones and cylinders. Student will show proper seals and bending by constructing a form of their choice
Session 4 – Solid sculpting adding bits and bit work, first look into color, pulling stringers and networking glass shapes work time
Session 5 – Implosions and push mushrooms, work time
Session 6 – Bridging, flame annealing and work time
Session 7 – Introduction to hollow glass tubing, straight seals, opening tubes, setting up blanks 
Session 8 – Hollow spheres and ovals

No experience necessary.

If you miss one or more sessions during your 8 week flameworking course, you are entitled a one-day rental for each day missed. Free and paid rentals are granted after the end of the 8 week class and permission from the instructor. Glass will be an additional cost.

$1100 + booking fee, all materials included.

Option to purchase personal flame safety glasses for the course, link below:


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