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Deborah Czeresko

Deborah Czeresko is an NYC based glass artist known for winning the first season of the Netflix series, Blown Away. Deborah’s work transforms the ordinary into the subversive, most notably in her interpretation of gender roles, learned behavior, power structures and consumerism. Keeping with pop art tradition, wit and irony as an artistic strategy pervades all of […]

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Jessi Moore

Our next featured artist is Jessi Moore. Moore is an artist, fabricator and educator based in Brooklyn, New York. She works across various glass techniques to explore color, transparency and line. More of her work can be seen at

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Erin Lorek

Our first featured artist is Erin Lorek . She specializes in casting glass on iron plates. Sometimes even using found resources, Lorek’s work has textures and patterns unique to this beautiful city in which we live. Check out some of her unique and wonderful work below.

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