Michael Helt

Michael Helt is a New York City native and lives in Brooklyn. He received his BFA in Sculpture from Pratt Institute currently works at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  He has worked with divergent material from stone to plastics, always looking for a technical mastery of the medium in which he is creating.   Michael’s concentrates primarily on   flame working with borosilicate glass.   Michael finds that glass is an ideal medium to manipulate and experiment with to create object of unique beauty. 

Candy Canes 

Candy Canes

Flameworked Ornaments

Flame working holiday ornaments


Intro to Flame-working with Color

borosilicate glass

Filled with Fire: Bottle Vessel Vase 

Flame working vases

Bloom in Flame

Work at the torch to create colorful flowers encased in clear glass.  Learn flame-working techniques and how to work with molten glass by creating patterns and compressing them into flower marbles, pendants, or paper weights.


2,800º Introduction to Flame Working

Glass Implosion

Learn to melt and form Borosilicate Glass on the torch. Students will learn the basics of flame working and have a opportunity to create unique pieces of their own.