Brooklyn Glass, Gowanus, Brooklyn

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Teen Summer Program

10:00am to 3:00pm with a 1-hour lunch break  (bring your lunch)

1st week: July 9-13; glassblowing
2nd week: July 16-20; 3 days of neon bending, 2 days of flameworking 

1st week: July 23-27; glassblowing
2nd week: July 30- August 2 ; 3 days of neon bending, 2 days of flameworking 

1st week: August 6-10; glassblowing
2nd week: August 13-17; 3 days of neon bending, 2 days of flameworking 


Teens ages 13-18 will take over the Brooklyn Glass Studio in these intensive summer classes! 


This one week summer program introduces the students to the science and art of glass working with the guidance of our highly knowledgable teachers. 

This will give students a hands-on experience of learning the many facets of glass in one of the top studios of New York City. 

Sessions will include glassblowing, flameworking and neon making. 

During the 1 hour lunch all students will come together for discussion with the instructors and fellow students. 


  • In the Hot Shop, students would learn the basic techniques and material capabilities such as gathering, blowing, and tool handling. On the last day of working in the hot shop, students will learn about furnace charging, followed by cold working techniques to complete their pieces created in the previous days.
  • In the Flame Shop, students will use heat and gravity to shape molten glass at a stationary bench torch. They will learn about the different types of glass used while flameworking, such as soft Moretti glass and borosilicate glass.
  • In the Neon Shop, students will be introduced to the world of neon sign making, from bending glass tubes to the lighting up their creations. 


Students will leave with a handful of artwork and a basic understanding of the unique collaborative art that is glass working. 

Projects will include blown drinking glasses, paperweight, flowers and bowls; flameworked marbles and small sculptures; and a small neon project (both designed and bent by the student with assistance from instructors). 


One or Two Week Course


Glass Blowing

Neon and Flame Working