Light & Perception

Neon Beyond student project

Light and perception go hand in hand. Through the years many artists explored the link between both and experimented to alter the states of perception through the manipulation of light in various different settings. If light affects perception, can perception affect light? Of course!  This course is designed to teach students how to build systems that perceive the environment that surrounds them and effectively alter our light sources. In the spirit of DiY we will cover how to make our own light sources using cold cathode lamps as well as an introduction to computer programming. We will focus on Arduino programing and other internet of things platforms that are popular now a days.

Over the course of eight weeks students will learn how to bend soft glass tubes to create their light sources followed by workshops on how to manipulate this sources using sensors and microcontrollers. The concepts covered will be introductory level material that students can build upon, after developing a richer set of skills. Such concepts range from basic understanding of DC Voltages and currents to more abstract ones like high-level coding language structures like for loops and if statements. 

The skills learned in this course are not just for manipulating lights but they can be used as a basis for a greater understanding on how electronic gadgets and gizmos work and how they talk to each other. Opening a world of opportunities for any creative mind willing to spend sometime tinkering and becoming an active member of the Open Source community. 

Intermediate Course

Eight Week Course