Vitreous Form

Vitreous form

In this eight-week course we will explore the communicative capacity of molten glass as a material in flux between solid and liquid, transparency and opacity, fragility and stability. Students will become familiar with, and test the boundaries of, the hot glass shop as a space for making and investigating material possibilities through hands-on experimentation. Anna’s demonstrations will range from traditional glassblowing methodologies to non-traditional approaches—be it blowing into molds, trapping organic matter inside hot glass, or sculpting with uncommon tools. Students will be introduced to the foundational skills for moving with molten glass, controlling heat, harnessing and defying gravity to affect form. We will use these learning experiences to stimulate dialogue and generate ideas which will inform individual and collaborative projects throughout the course. Our goal will be to re-imagine our relationship with glass and material, using experimental and traditional methodologies to facilitate our sculptural ideas. Students will be encouraged to bring thoughts, questions, and curiosities to be explored in class. While this class is geared towards beginners, all experience levels are welcome!

Eight Week Course