Luminous Abstraction


A study in light and sculpture In this 8 week class, we will unpack the tradition of neon as direct symbol or signage. Instead, we will reject neon as advertising and think of neon as radical and an experiment in form and color. The first half of this 8 week course will focus on the basics of traditional neon bending spending extensive time on each bend. After intensive bending, students will then break the rules of form and will think of neon conceptually and three dimensionally. In this sculpture class students are asked consider color, light, and form to create their piece, instead of literal symbolism or words. This class will provide students with the skills to continue a neon practice. This class will end with a final critique of work.

The class provides a neon bending tool kit and one neon transformer and clear glass for bending.

Any additional transformers/ supplies can be purchased on-site.

Eight Week Course