Alex Poeppel Alex Poeppel

Alex Poeppel is a 23 year old glass artist from NYC who dislikes writing about himself in the third person. Poeppel is a studio technician at Brooklyn Glass, and has been working with glass for over three years. Specializing in flame-working and cold-working borosilicate glass, Poeppel primarily produces jewelry and fine art, focusing on the marriage of color and form. As a graduate of Berklee College of Music, Poeppel holds a degree from their exclusive Music Production & Engineering major, and regularly produces and mixes albums for musicians when he isn't blowing glass. 

bg instructors Brooklyn Glass Instructors

Our instructors are all professional practicing artists who share a passion for teaching. Specializing in glassblowing, neon, flameworking and coldworking, our diverse faculty is comprised of expert creative artists and craftspeople from around the world.

ablon David Ablon

David starting bending neon in 1977 at Alfred University. He starting teaching courses in neon 1981 when he opened his first neon company. While his initial experience was providing signs and design for landmarks such as Studio 54, he moved on to working on movies like Urban Cowboy and artists Keith Haring, James Turrelll and Dennis Oppenheim He later worked with artists such as Stephen Antonakos, Chryssa, Joseph Kosuth and Blair Thurman. David currently restores and maintains artwork from artists such as Nam Jun Pike, Mario Merz and Jason Rhodes. His love and interest in neon helped him start precision neon which specializes in neon lighting and art fabrication and Ablon Tech which supplies other neon lighting companies with materials. His work has been featured in Montclair Art Museum, Polk Public Museum and Thorpe Gallery.

Brooklyn Glass Instructor Hannah Cowen

Hannah Cowen received her BFA from Alfred University school of Art and Design with a concentration in glass and sculpture. She started out doing mostly furnace work, and blown objects but later moved more into the realm of neon sculpture. Hannah has exhibited her work around the country in multiple states including New York, Virginia, and Wisconsin. Hannah has also received a quality glass education while studying down in North Carolina at Penland School of Crafts. Her work tends to primarily focus on universal ideas through many perspectives.You can find more about her work on her website at:


leo Leo Tecosky

Tecosky’s work is a reflection of cultural exchange, travel and experience. Working with traditional glassblowing and neon bending techniques, the artist has recently begun experimenting with the screen printing process; taking printmaking to a different and more sculptural level by allowing for a collage of 3D glass imagery. Outside of the glass studio Mr. Tecosky creates sculpture and installation using found and constructed elements. With a BFA from Alfred University with a concentration in neon and stone sculpture, Tecosky teaches at studios and schools in Brooklyn, nationally and internationally. Having recently completed his MFA from The School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, Leo lives and works in Brooklyn, NY blowing glass and maintaining a studio practice.


Michael Helt Michael Helt

Michael Helt is a New York City native and lives in Brooklyn. He received his BFA in Sculpture from Pratt Institute currently works at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  He has worked with divergent material from stone to plastics, always looking for a technical mastery of the medium in which he is creating.   Michael’s concentrates primarily on   flame working with borosilicate glass.   Michael finds that glass is an ideal medium to manipulate and experiment with to create object of unique beauty.